Evolving Semi Trailer GPS Tracking Technologies are Reshaping the Industry

GPS tracking has been a part of the trucking and semi-trailer industry for a number of years now. GPS tracking allows for truck drivers and trailer fleet managers are always looking for an age in fuel tracking, RIO tracking, and improving maintenance planning to name a few. Trailer fleet managers and organizations brands such as Orbcomm and SkyBitz have been making significant strides in the GPS tracking industry that can change the fleet tracking industry for years to come. GPS Tracking and asset tracking can give you and your company real-time data which can significantly impact your bottom line.

Our partner, SkyBitz, is on the cutting edge of new asset tracking technologies and has been highlighted for their trailer tracking capabilities. One of their solutions is the Falcon GXT3002/3102 offers more than the average GPS tracking solution.

According to Skybitz:

The Falcon GXT3002/3102 is a custom built cellular product designed to deliver a more complete picture of asset and cargo status. The Falcon GXT3000/3100 can provide frequent and relevant reporting that is configurable to each user’s needs. Asset location and sensor data can be reported up to once every five minutes. Moreover, real-time data can be requested from the unit on-demand and it can also be programmed over-the-air, which allows customers to update reporting frequency and behavior.

The Falcon GXT3002/3102 delivers actionable information that allows users to identify areas to cut costs and avoid capital expenditures through better utilization of existing assets. It provides comprehensive asset visibility with real-time data needed to run operations more efficiently, such as:

  • Mileage Driven and Speed
  • Arrival and Departure Times
  • Stop and Idle Times
  • SkyFence Adherence and Security Alerts
  • Hook and Un-hook Alerts
  • Loaded or Unloaded via Cargo Sensor
  • Door Open or Closed via Door Sensor
  • Tire Pressure Status via Tire Sensor

The more data that is available to you, the more opportunities there are to make adjustments to better your bottom line. Contact CLC to learn more about our GPS tracking solutions.

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