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Access our large inventory of dry van trailers with various specifications to meet your requirements.

Maximize your revenue and roll with trailers optimized to be the most reliable, efficient and longest lasting on the road.


Roof: Aluminum     Construction: Composite Plate or Sheet and Post

Door Type: Swing or Roll     Suspension: Air or Spring Ride

Logistic Seams: Customizable

Plate Van Trailer Features:  

  • Composite plate side walls that provide strength and durability avoiding abrasion and damage.  
  • Enhanced floor durability with nose plate reinforced to protect and provide long lasting surface.  
  • Snag free interior that minimizes thickness of trailer sidewalls.  
  • Roof system with structural integrity of the trailer design offering stability for both side walls. 
  • Inside height and rear door opening height of 110”. 
  • Operating door lock rods with rubber handle grips for easy operator safety and comfort. 
  • Equipped with spring applied emergency / parking brakes to maximize safe deliveries 
  • The ability to add full length external rub rails available to provide added protection to exterior sidewall surfaces from damages and impacts. 
  • Superior customization offered to fit and innovate business needs.  

New And Used Semi Trailers for Lease 

  • New and used semi trailers for lease in stock and available
  • 12 to 120 month leases
  • 24/7 full-service on-site maintenance
  • Customizable trailer design
  • Lease to own with flexible lease terms

Discover the CLC Promise  

Trailer Leasing Company Updates from CLC
  • 100% commitment to meeting your equipment timeline
  • Complete line of aerodynamic options to maximize fuel savings
  • Flexible and agile operations and sales staff
  • Fleet data management and GPS tracking services
  • Count on being treated fairly and ethically

Why Lease Trailers with CLC

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  • Conserve Capital
  • Preserve Credit
  • Provide Better Budgeting
  • Lower Administrative Costs
  • Protect Against Obsolescence
  • Acquisition Support
  • Sale Lease Back Options

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