Today, eight out of ten American companies lease some or all of their equipment. In fact, semi trailer leasing is the most widely used method of asset-based financing and is a highly cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses that are not interested in or prefer not to purchase semi trailer equipment.

Thanks to our extensive resources and expertise, CLC can accommodate even the most unique requests and requirements, as we offer a wide range of semi trailers for lease. With our proven history of innovative solutions and highly experienced staff, you can be sure that CLC will structure the right program to meet your specific needs.

Why commercial trailer leasing is a smart option to consider

Leasing Conserves Capital: There is no outlay of cash in the form of down payments.

Leasing Preserves Credit: An operating lease is off-balance sheet financing and does not adversely affect credit lines.

Leasing Provides Better Budgeting: There are no additional costs for service with a Maintenance or Full Service Lease.

Leasing Lowers Administrative Costs: When you lease equipment, responsibilities such as licensing, regulatory compliance, and maintaining service records are handled by the lessor.

Leasing Protects Against Obsolescence: You have the ability to exchange or modify equipment in the event of a change in requirements.

Full Range of Options

Net Lease
  • Lessor provides equipment and licensing
  • Lessee is responsible for all maintenance
  • Also known as a conditional sale
  • Option to purchase for as little as one dollar
Maintenance Lease
  • The lessor provides equipment, licensing and periodic maintenance
  • Service and maintenance is performed at lessor’s location or designated contract maintenance facility
Finance Lease
  • Multiple financing options available to meet your specific needs
Full Service Lease
  • The lessor provides equipment, licensing and periodic maintenance
  • Service and maintenance is performed on location
  • Emergency road assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, utilizing a toll-free assistance hotline
  • CLC will purchase your fleet and lease it back to you
  • You receive cash for your assets which can be reinvested in your core business
  • Maintenance provided by CLC (optional)