CLC’s Guide to Saving Your Semi-Trailer Fleet Money

From helping with cash flow to maintaining flexibility, learn why leasing a trailer fleet will boost your bottom line.

Trailer Leasing Guide from Contract Leasing Company

With trailer leasing, there is no upfront outlay of cash in the form of down payments, preserving your cash for growth or other initiatives. With an operating lease, the lessee tends to pay for only part of the total cost of a trailer which typically results in much lower monthly payments and therefore improved cash flow.

We all need to manage cash flow in our business. Getting caught with more trailers than you need can drag down margins quickly and unexpectedly.

Renting affords you the ability to flex up or down without the associated risk of ownership. Additionally, by leasing trailers you can match the lease term to your contract.

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How to Optimize Your Profits by Working With a Semi-Trailer Leasing Company

Are you currently looking to improve your profitability through trailer leasing? When it comes to being profitable in the trucking industry, it takes more than just transporting goods from point A to point B. You need the right strategy and know-how to maximize your profitability and continually grow your fleet.

With our detailed guide you will gain valuable knowledge and learn how to factor in the advantages of leasing services from Contract Leasing Corp. Get expert insights from our team that will improve your profitability, from choosing the right trailer rentals and lease options, to maintenance and data tracking & analysis.

Fleet Management Tips Included

  • How to clear up cash flow
  • Reducing downtime with a maintenance program
  • Avoiding unexpected costs
  • Meeting flexibility needs
  • Increasing driver retention