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Roadcheck 2015 inspection spree set for early June, CVSA releases checklists for drivers, carriers

  |  April 15, 2015

In the Inspector’s Seat
Roadcheck, the annual inspection blitz done by a joint effort of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and others, has been scheduled for June 2-4, CVSA announced this week.


Roughly 10,000 inspectors from state, local and federal enforcement agencies will  perform nearly 70,000 inspections on trucks and buses over the 72-hour period. They will be stationed at 1,500 inspection points around North America.


This year’s special emphasis will be cargo securement, though inspectors will still be primarily performing full 37-step Level I inspections — the most thorough inspection — throughout the week.


Last year’s Roadcheck, which also took place in early June, resulted in a vehicle out-of-service rate of 18.7 percent and a driver out-of-service rate of 4.8 percent. Also in 2014, more than 72,000 drivers and vehicles were inspected. CVSA has on its site resources for drivers and fleets. Here’s a link to the nine top things inspectors will be looking for. And here’s CVSA’s checklist for drivers.


An excerpt from the CVSA checklist.


Inspect for corrosion fatigue, cross member(s) cracked, loose or missing, cracks in frame, missing or defective body parts. Look at the condition of the hoses, check suspension of air hoses of vehicle with sliding tandems. On the frame and frame assembly check for cracks, bends, sagging, loose fasteners or any defect that may lead to the collapse of the frame; corrosion, fatigue, cross members cracked or missing, cracks in frame, missing or defective body parts. Inspect all axle(s). Inspect for non-manufactured holes (i.e. rust holes, holes created by rubbing or friction, etc.), for broken springs in the spring brake housing section of the parking brake. For vans and open-top trailer bodies, look at the upper rail and check roof bows and side posts for buckling, cracks, or ineffective fasteners. On the lower rail, check for breaks accompanied by sagging floor, rail, or cross members; or broken with loose or missing fasteners at side post adjacent to the crack.”


For further information, or if we can be of assistance, please contact us at:


CLC and the March of Dimes

CLC participated in the March of Dimes’ annual March for Babies walk at the Johnson Park Grove in Piscataway.

Through our combined efforts, we raised more than $5,500 to help fund research to ensure that every baby is born healthy and ready to learn and grow.

CLC’s Annual Bike Donation

Since 1995, Contract Leasing Corp. (CLC) has donated bicycles annually to the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve “Toys for Tots” Program and “Tree of Hope, ” a nonprofit organization run by the Union County Sheriff’s Office in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Throughout the year, and especially at the holiday season, CLC sympathizes with the troubling stories of children who are homeless, living in shelters, victims of domestic violence, or medically fragile. Through our partnership with “Tree of Hope”, CLC has reached the milestone of “gifting” 550 bicycles and bike helmets to brighten the holiday season for underserved youngsters. We would like to extend a special “thank you” to Avis Rent-A-Car of Piscataway, NJ who supports our efforts by donating a truck yearly!


CLC and The Community FoodBank of New Jersey

In September 2013, CLC organized a week-long food drive for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, which provides much-needed assistance to nearly 1 million people across the state each year.As a result of our intensive community outreach and conveniently located donation bins, we were able to collect approximately 2,000 pounds of food for families and individuals in our area who are at risk of hunger during these difficult times.

CLC and ‘Bowl for Kids’

Philanthropy and volunteerism are integral to CLC’s culture, and all of our employees share our passion for giving back. Each year, we sponsor a number of company-wide community outreach efforts, from collecting food and clothing donations, to engaging in various programs for underserved youth.This year, CLC team members participated in the Second Annual ‘Bowl for Kids’ Sake’ fundraising tournament to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson and Union Counties.

Top 5 Reasons To Outsource Your Semi-Trailer Fleet Management

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Outsource Your Semi-Trailer Fleet Management

  • Many companies today are finding it advantageous to outsource not only trailer ownership but fleet management services as well.  With increasing regulation, overhead and associated costs, many companies are recognizing the value of outsourcing their trailer fleet management.
  • Whether you have only a few trailers making local deliveries or a large fleet, an experienced fleet management consultant can review your overall operations, and capture and analyze data to provide cost saving solutions by increasing efficiencies.
  • By analyzing the size and weight of your cargo, loading and unloading requirements and other variables, your leasing partner can recommend equipment exactly suited to your specific needs.  Here’s an example:  CLC recommended lighter weight trailers to a well-known soft drink company enabling them to increase the size of its payloads resulting in reduced shipping cost.
  • You can also outsource responsibility for fleet maintenance and repairs to eliminate the administrative cost of maintaining service and repair records.  You’ll also have the ability to determine the expected life cycle of the semi-trailers in your fleet and schedule replacement on a proactive basis.  An experienced leasing and fleet management partner can also ensure that your fleet is in compliance with regulatory requirements and, using trailer tracking technology, track the exact location of every trailer in your fleet at any given time.
  • But fleet management services should go beyond the open road and extend into the back office.  Operational studies and efficiency reporting will allow you to analyze every aspect of your fleet operations.  We offer web-based reporting making your data available at the click of a button or touch of a screen, providing a high level overview of trends or drill down for something as specific as an analysis of tire cost over the life on an individual trailer.

How To Select A Leasing Plan That Fits Your Semi-Trailer Leasing Needs

A qualified, experienced trailer leasing partner will easily accommodate even the most specific requests and requirements.  Their staff should be responsive and professional in helping you to develop the right semi trailer leasing program to meet your specific needs.


    Need a simple, easy to understand agreement that provides the equipment you need including licensing while you remain responsible for both routine and emergency maintenance?  In many cases, this may be the right solution.
    Maybe you need a plan that provides not only equipment and licensing, but also periodic maintenance which may be performed at a company branch or at a designated contract maintenance facility. By outsourcing your trailer maintenance, this plan allows you to reduce administrative costs and compliance exposure.
    Do you need periodic service and maintenance, but at a convenient location that you designate?  We have a plan that provides not only this service, but also emergency road assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, utilizing a toll-free assistance hotline. By reducing the time and expense of transporting equipment to and from our maintenance facilities, this plan allows your trucks to spend more time hauling freight and generating revenue. Our emergency road assistance can also come in handy when you have time sensitive cargo.
    Would you like to combine the benefits of ownership with some of the advantages of leasing? A plan can be structured that allows you to purchase the trailer at the completion of the lease term for as little as one dollar. This plan can be combined with other services to give you the necessary coverage that you need to keep you rolling.
    An increasingly popular arrangement is allowing us to purchase your trailer fleet and lease it back to you. You receive cash for your assets, which can be reinvested in your core business. This plan can also be combined with any of our service and maintenance plans.

3 Tips On How To Pick A Semi-Trailer Leasing Partner With Experience And Flexibility


  1. Leasing can be a highly cost-effective and flexible alternative to purchasing a fleet of semi trailers.  However, all trailer leasing companies are not alike. If a trailer leasing company offers you only a limited choice of plans and you’re options are restricted they may not be the right fit for your company.
  2. Fortunately, when you partner with someone who has a complete range of programs, substantial industry expertise and resources that include equipment, financing, and fleet management it’s likely that the benefits you’ll realize will extend far beyond the fleet itself.  Click here for a complete listing of all the leasing options available from CLC.
  3. In order to help you select a program that’s best for your needs, your leasing partner should spend considerable time with you, understanding all aspects of your fleet operations, budgetary requirements, and customer expectations. The more questions they ask, the better they will be equipped to add value to your trailer fleet operations. In addition, they should conduct a very thorough, comprehensive study of your unique requirements and provide several options for customizing a solution precisely tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Semi Trailer Leasing for the CFO

CFOs are casting a very close eye on semi trailer leasing programs because of all the options available and the bottom line benefits they provide. By looking “beyond the rate” a wide range of advantages present themselves:

  • Conserve Capital: No outlay of cash in the form of down payments is required.
  • Preserve Credit: An operating lease is off-balance sheet financing and credit lines are not adversely affected.
  • Improve Budgeting: A Maintenance Lease or Full Service Lease has no additional costs for service.
  • Reduce Administrative Costs: When you lease equipment, the lessor handles responsibilities such as licensing, regulatory compliance, and maintaining service records.

Read more on “Semi Trailer Leasing for the CFO” »